Are you creating videos as part of your content marketing campaigns?

If your answer is “no” to that, then you’re missing out on a potentially huge amount of traffic, and there’s really no reason why.


YouTube is the second biggest search engine, only Google itself beats it.

And the sweet part about this, is that YouTube results also appear in standard Google searches, giving you multiple bites at that lucrative cherry.

Interested yet?

But video is hard to create, isn’t it?

No. Video is actually very simple to create, and it’s getting easier all the time because people keep releasing new tools, new systems and new methods.

But, you probably have all the tools already.

Your computer is probably already loaded up with all the software you need to create videos.

You don’t need expensive video cameras, you don’t need thousands of pounds worth of microphones and you don’t need a recording studio.

If you’ve got a copy of PowerPoint, then you’re good to go!

See this:

When you choose “Save” in PowerPoint, you can save in a number of different formats, many of which are so you can send them to other people who don’t have the same software.

But, if you choose “Save as MP4”, you get a video.

And that video is ready to upload to YouTube.

Are those videos any good?


You can create a slide show out of pretty much anything you’ve already written about and then using the built in animation and timings of PowerPoint, these slides then become the scenes of your video.

Want to add audio?

Well, you just do it here:

And where do you find free background tracks for your videos?

Even easier, do this search:

“Soundcloud free background music”

Or click this link:

When you find some music that you like, you’ll then need to download it.

There’s a great website here that allows you to do that:

And here’s a video of the entire process end-to-end, it’s only a minute or so:



It means that with with the resources you already have, you can create videos, and videos are great for ranking, so you should create videos.

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Because video is so important, we’ve recently created an entire course that covers it in detail.

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