Although the doom an gloom of the recession is hard to ignore, some people are doing quite well out of it thankyouverymuch. You see while the High Street is taking a bit of a battering as people stay away in their droves, Internet based companies are still finding themselves in a growth industry.

Why should this be so?

Well it’s obvious really: the costs.

If I wanted to sell, for example, cloth dolls around the theme of spotty dogs, I would have a number of choices. If I thought that my product was unique enough for its own store, I could try to open the ‘spotty dog’ emporium in my local shopping centre. After I’ve negotiated the rent and rates, I would probably be looking at a couple of grand a month and a total investment of perhaps 20-30K.

That’s a lot of dough to lose on a test.

But aren’t websites the same? Nope. Yes they can be expensive, but the beauty of a website is you can alter it, upload new products and generally change the whole thing without incurring more costs. If you get it wrong, you just change something.

Likewise, you can alter your marketing and change your target demographic extremely easily. Simply change your Google AdWords and find a whole new set of customers instantly (yes, it’s that easy!).

Also, online real estate is rapidly becoming a valuable resource. If your shop does make it big, you can actually sell it for quite a profit.

Also, contrary to popular belief, it’s not too late to get an Internet shop. The Internet is still (believe it or not) in its infancy. It took decades for the motor industry to switch to electricity and although the uptake of the Internet has been swifter (relatively speaking), there’s *still* a long way to go before we are a truly ‘on-line’ community.