We’ve established on this blog many times that search engines are probably the single most effective way to generate more traffic to your web page. So when you launch that shiny new site in the world, why doesn’t it get found on Google? To start with, when you put your site live, you added your web pages to over 30 billion other ones out there. Many are spam, many are not in any way your competitors, but be assured, there are billions.

So what does Google do when you submit your site?
Google’s methods can be hard to define, so please allow me to over simplify a moment. Google (and other search engines) by nature treats each new site with caution, due to the huge amount of spam sites started each day.

What can you do about this?
To ensure that Google gives you a good site ranking, you will need to gain their trust. You can do this by building your quality content and increasing the amount of people that link to you from sites relevant to yours. It’s an ongoing process. One that you can take on yourself or one that you can source to  web marketing company of your choice. Be wary though, bad links and the wrong kind of content will get you penalised and ruin that new site of yours.

Should you choose Calloway Green
Possibly. We don’t work with everyone because we want to be working with the people who can use an increase in web traffic to boost their sales. If you know how to handle a lot of calls and are serious about business, we can help you.