Your website is your ambassador on the net. It's what Internet users see when they're looking for your product or service, if that visitor doesn't like what he or she sees, they'll go away.

So why do you simply put your site up and forget it? Why are so many websites under-valued, abandoned and left to rot while your competitors' sites are happily sweeping up all your potential customers. There are millions of people using the Internet every day, and a lot of them are looking for your products – you need to be attracting them to your site.

But if you are making any one of these mistakes, you're potentially losing visitors and business:

  • Measuring users
    How many visitors do you get every day? How many of those contact you? How many of your day to day contacts found you through your site? What keywords are being used?
    If you can't answer those question then you're not taking your website seriously. You need to understand exactly who is viewing your site, who become customers and what they do to find you.
  • Keywords – still using the same ones?
    If you're one of the few companies actually doing some kind of search engine optimisation, why are you still using the same keywords? Of the keywords you originally chose, which ones work for you?
    You need to analyse your keyword usage and discover which ones are working every few months. Simply taking a ‘fire and forget' attitude may result in a loss of customers as trends change.
  • Design – Getting loads of visitors but you have a crappy design? Don't rely on friends, relatives or co-workers to tell you if your site is good or bad, they won't give you the truth. Checkout your site and be honest, does it really stack up against the big-hitters in your industry?
  • Excuses. “The Internet isn't for our type of business”
    Oh dear. If this is your attitude then good luck, you're going to need it. So many ‘traditional' companies are now thriving because they took the plunge and understood that the Internet is for everybody. Traditional, new, it doesn't matter. By embracing the Internet, all business can boost their turnover – if they've got the guts to try it.

The moral of this story? Do something. Your site should sell your business and give visitors a reason to engage you or buy your products. If it doesn't, you're missing out on masses of potential income. In today's recessionary times, can you afford to do that?