What should I blog about?

Whenever we're working with a new client with a new site, or advising a client on what to do about their content, we inevitably ask “have you got a blog?” and hope that the answer is “yes, I blog all the time”. Hardly ever is though. Usually the answer is “I started one but didn't know what to write about”.

Then there's the absolute worse blog ever – the one that simply shows how great the company is day-after-day. Those self-promotional ones that waffle on all the time about how they've won a new contract or been to a champagne dinner or some other self-promoting missive on the way they successfully negotiated a deal against all the odds.

Trouble is, such self promotion can really hack your readers off. So what exactly should you crow about then?Well, it's easy really – give people advice and answers to their burning questions.

Many people are after free advice. It's what the Internet was invented for : telling people stuff. It stands to reason then that people will be after information or advice or some kind of knowledge. What's the first thing you do when someone asks you a tough question down the pub? You reach for your mobile phone and ask Google of course!

So people want information and as you want to give people what they want, why not give it them?

Here are a few ideas:


Why not give people a weekly shot of knowledge on how to do the basics in the home? Leaky taps (actually, if you could, I've got one right now), sealing elbow joints, fitting showers – you know the kind of stuff, write about it.


Explain how people can re-wire a plug themselves, safely. Explain what those energy saving bulbs do and how they work and what crazy wattage you need to replace your old ones.


You probably know some pretty nifty functions that save time – give them away. People will love you for it.

Aren't I just giving away all my knowledge?

Of course not. Just giving a little bit of knowledge away will actually build your trust with people. Help people and they will remember it and trust you a little bit, especially if it gets them out of trouble. And of course, they will remember you and when the bathroom needs replacing, they might just give you a call.

Obviously at this stage you're asking “but how much should I write about myself and how much should be advice?”

There are no hard and fast answers, but if you aim for at least 85% advice and 15% “Look at how great we are” then you won't go far wrong.

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