With all this talk about search engine optimisation, marketing and seminars, it's easy to forget one of the core aspects of our business – creating great websites.

We're the first to admit that our portfolio pages are sorely lacking in the latest sites we've been working on, heck, we haven't even got some of last years' sites on there. That needs to change, but in the meantime here are a couple of sites that will be going live very soon.

The Saress

This is an amazing product! The Saress is a replacement to the sarong that many women struggle with on the beach each year. It was designed by Julia Fish of Wolverhampton and is one of the only clothing lines to have made it on to the British Airways duty free list.

The Saress - an elegant Sarong replacement

Julia has been selling them for a couple of years now from her website and has also got distributors world wide, but she needed something extra. The site needed a change and based on customer responses and requests, we have created a completely new web store that makes it easy for customers to browse, view and purchase the items.

From an administration point of view, the site was difficult to update and adding products was sometimes a hit and miss affair. This had to change! With new products coming on line all the time, it needed to be simple to use, update and promote.

The site makes it easy to sell products all around the world too with international shipping costs based on weight, automatic VAT reduction on non-EU destinations and PayPal integration giving people confidence to pay.

The Saress website will be live before Christmas, check it out!

Newbar Engineers LTD

It's rare you find an engineering or manufacturing company that has the forsight to realise that the Internet
Newbar Engineers' new website

is the way to promote even traditional businesses. Barry Newnam of Newbar Engineers is one of those people and he knows that by embracing the web, he can beat the downturn and find new customers with ease.

His website goes live this week and it will be aimed at building business contacts and links and reaching global customers for his Plastic Injection Moulding business.

Over the past few years, many of his customers have been poached by the growing Asian economies but now people are realising that although there might be a small decrease in costs (something that is now changing), the quality of imported products just cannot compete with home-grown expertise.