No, seriously, I mean it. I do, read this, it'll take you a couple of minutes but it could make you lots of money.


You've probably ready about Pokemon Go, but not taken any notice. That's OK, you're probably fed up with Farmville and Candy Crush, or even managed to avoid them altogether, however this latest game to hit smart phones is very different indeed.

Let me first explain what it's about.

Pokemon has been around for decades, and is a game published by Nintendo, originally on the Game Boy. The games were a bit like role-playing, and the idea was to capture these little creatures (Pokemon) and train them to fight. You'd then fight them against one another. All good, harmless virtual fun.

It was spun off into card games, a cartoon series, released on various consoles, and it's become quite the money-spinner for Nintendo.

Stick with me, the interesting stuff is coming, seriously, you don't want to miss this. It's brilliant.

Pokemon Go is the mobile version of the game. Here's how it works.

You download the mobile app. You then load it up and when you've signed up, you set up your character and then you can go hunting for Pokemon.

Still with me?

The Pokemon are situated all over the world, but they're based on your current real-life location. Using the GPS in your phone, you see a map of your local area and you'll see where Pokemon are. You then go out to them and the screen turns to augmented reality.

You then look at your screen and see the real world with these little creatures on them. At this point you fling a ball at them (it's probably got a clever name, but never mind) and you can ‘capture' the Pokemon.

And you're still wondering what this has got to do with making money, yes? Good, in a minute you'll go “HA!!” and get it.

The thing is, people travel miles to capture these creatures. However, as they're distributed seemingly randomly about the place, that's no good, is it?

How about if you could get a bunch of Pokemon to appear outside your shops?

Well if you're lucky, you'll have a “Pokestop” near by. These are places where you can pick up supplies (remember: it's all virtual, but you still have to walk somewhere), and also where you can ‘lure' Pokemon.

You buy a lure module (for 79p), and for 30 minutes, Pokemon will appear around it, and so will people looking to catch them!

Get it?

Don't underestimate this. Seriously, if you run a restaurant, coffee bar or some other retail outfit, you can simply drop a lure module and people will flock to it. If they're hungry for pizza and you happen to be selling pizza, well, what are you waiting for?

This is BIG

Pokemon Go has been out in the USA for just over a week, and it was released in the UK the day this post was published.

Here's how big it is already:

sensor-tower-pokemon-go-usage-190161Do you see that? It's bigger than Facebook. In a week. That's mind boggling.

It's increased Nintendo's stock value by over $9 billion dollars.

Here's what people are saying on Twitter:

It's nearly the weekend. Do yourself a favour, download the app and start working out how you can use this. By Saturday afternoon, I promise you, if you have a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop, you can make a fortune.