For some reason, there are still an awful lot of people who hold on to the belief that they can earn a million by just making their website live. To some, the process is quite linear:


But this doesn't work for one very good reason. Your site has joined another million that were added today and no-one knows about it. Not one person.

Wholesale Market China

Imagine a shopping centre with 10,000 shops , a bit like the one pictured here. You wanted to open up shop and so you buy your unit, get some signs and blam, you're open for business. Will the buyers come knocking at the door? Doubt it. Before they even get chance to see your products or talk to you about fulfillment or see some example they'll need to find you!

And submitting your site to Google is about as effective as adding your company name to the list of companies at the front door. Even if someone does see your name, they're not going to know what the hell it is you do!

You're lost in a sea of other companies all fighting for the customer's cash, so you need to stand out and be counted.

But this shouldn't be news to anyone. It's what companies have been doing (or should have been doing) for years, nay, for ever.

Marketing is the single most important aspect of your business and the Internet doesn't change that. The Internet is not an easy way to market your services, in fact, it's probably the hardest way. No, you need to use traditional marketing the way it has always been used. The way companies hundreds of years ago used it.

Yes, use Internet marketing, but don't falsely believe that you can just leave it to Google to bring you your next batch of clients. Consider direct mail, networking, email marketing and traditional advertising. Only through a multi-faceted approach to your marketing will you ever see the sort of results Amazon and eBay see and then it will be through hard work and sweat.

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