I love the Internet to bits. Just when you think you've pretty much got every avenue covered, someone drops in a little gem of information that makes you sit up and think “D'oh, why didn't I think about that?!”

Gregor Spowart has just blogged about something that you should be aware of that had completely slipped my mind, simply because I hadn't realised it still went on. Namely, the “we'll submit your website to hundreds of search engines” nonsense being spouted by lots of web firms.

You've probably seen them, adverts to submit to loads of search engines presented in such a way as to make it look as if you will be instantly number one on all of them. This is obviously ridiculous because unless your site is optimised and targeted correctly, each one of those websites will probably just give a bored shrug and ignore you anyway.

But that's not the point. You see, there's absolutley no need to be submitted to hundreds of websites for the following reasons:

  • Only one search engine really matters – Google. Who cares about some obscure search engine with a ‘cuil' name that no-body's even heard of? If you've never heard of it, chances are your customers haven't either.
  • If you link from another site to yours, Google will find it anyway. Once it's found, the work will begin.
  • Google gives no preference to ‘submitted' sites as opposed to ‘found' sites.

Years ago it could be argued that regular submission to search engines helped with your ranking, these days it's more likely to annoy the hell out of them. In fact, many specifically forbid the use of automatic submission tools.

But it seems many companies are still advertising this service as if it's a good idea and it's all that's required for a good SEO campaign. It certainly is not. There are no short cuts to good search engine optimisation, try them and you'll be very disappointed.

You can read the original post here : http://www.massmediadesign.co.uk/blog/index.php/why-search-engine-submission-is-bad/