Keyword ranks dropped?

Chill. We got this.

When it looks like everything’s gone wrong and your keywords have gone south, it’s time to take a calm look at what’s gone wrong.

Panicking is not the answer.

You might miss something obvious and make changes that could leave your website floundering, so we need to take a measured look and find the real problem.

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We want you to make money

It’s not all about “being number one” for some fancy keyword that nobody’s searching for.

The keywords you focus on can have a profound effect on whether your SEO campaign works or not, so that’s where we start.

We find the right keywords that people are actually using  before we even start working on the SEO.

We even offer a guarantee

We’re so confident we can improve your rankings, we offer a simple guarantee:

If we don’t get at least one of your keywords into the top ten AND improve site traffic in three months, we’ll work for nothing until we can.

Terms and conditions apply (obviously), you can read about it here.

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