Do you ever see those adverts telling you to “Stand out from the crowd”? They usually have a load of fish going one way and one that’s a different colour going the other way. I hate those, I really do. Mainly because you see them so often, it’s not unique or clever.

Standing out for the sake of it is never a good idea, but standing out for the right reason is always worth pursuing.

So, how do you stand out?

I created a video this week just on this subject. You can watch it here:

Or if you’d rather read, here’s the notes from the video:


Good morning. This is the car park where I park my car in the morning, and there’s always one that stands out in front of all the other cars, and it’s the Zombie Response Vehicle I always end up parking next to. I’ve no idea what he does. No idea why he’s got the stuff he’s got on his car, but it’s just brilliant how it stands out, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this morning’s content marketing video. For my daughter’s eleventh birth day this year, she was desperate for this book called Nerdy Nummies. Now this is a cookbook, it’s got loads of great stuff in it. Produced really well. Pretty hefty book.

Now out of all of the cookery books that she could have asked for, she was desperate for this one, and she was going on and on about this lady, Rosanna Pansino, who I’d never heard of, but I’ve come to find out is a huge online marketing cookery superstar, so to speak. Now she has done incredibly well from her YouTube Channel and because of her videos, has been able to create this book, and brand, and all sorts of other things, as well. It really got me thinking. It links back to this zombie fan effect earlier. How do you stand out in a really crowded market, so you’re the one that people gravitate towards? We’re going to have a look at what she’s been doing online.

So here’s Rosanna Pansino’s YouTube Channel. Here are all the videos. I’ve just click on videos, and what we’re going to do is to go to date added oldest, because what we can do is see how she started, as opposed to how she is now, because how she is now can be pretty daunting if you’re just getting going. As you can see, she did a whole bunch of different bizarre type of videos at the start. Some face to cam stuff. Some cooking, all that kind of thing, and as you can see, the cooking ones, seven million views here, three million views there, were the most popular ones. The first lesson is, try a lot of different formats and see what works best.

Obviously, the cooking ones weren’t the best for her, and if you watch these, you can see, it’s just her in a very basic kitchen. I think this is five years ago, but a very basic set. Obviously, a camera straight on her and got all the stuff ready, and just made a very simple video here about how to make this cube cake. Okay, so really simple. Very basic format, and she’s done this on a consistent basis, so the number two is consistency. Create it, create it, create it, and don’t stop, because a lot of people give up just before they get the right kind of traction. Okay, so this is the stage she’s at now, so you see, she’s got a fancy intro to the video.

She’s even got special guest, Cookie Monster, on the video, because she’s got that much traction and that much exposure now, that she’s getting guests on, and big, hairy puppets on, and all this kind of stuff because she’s been consistent. She understands the audience and she understands the audience engage with, so that’s another tip. Know your audience. Understand your audience. Understand the, what they want to learn. The issues they’re having. Maybe the pain to having them up to fix. Spend some time looking at how other people communicate to your audience and see what fits best.

Now just to be clear, I’m not saying you’ve got to be a YouTube superstar to do well in business, but there’s a lot of principles we’ve just spoke about. If you think, “How will that work in my business?” “How can you apply those strategies to create better content, to engage your people, to just become a bit more transparent, a bit more genuine about what you do, and a bit more engaging, that you will stand out above the competition?” Let me know how you get on if you apply any of these and I hope you do. I hope you don’t just watch. I hope you apply. Let us know how you get on. Put it in the YouTube Comments, or go to our blog, and leave a comment on any of those posts. Look forward to engaging with you more.


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