This is a question that was asked by a couple of people in various ways, and it's a good one.

I've come across this barrier to SEO for years, and it's no surprise.

SEO started as a very technically complex skill, because way back in the bad old days, most of it was down to analysing algorithms, tweaking websites and performing strange coding acrobatics on websites.

It might have even put you off doing it, instead, relying on the Google Gods to do their bidding on your website in the hope that they will be kind to you.

If that's your experience with SEO, read on:

Thankfully, the days of having to hire technical gurus to manipulate your rankings are gone.

A small amount of technical ability is required, that much is true, but it's in no way complex.

If you can add content to a website, then you can “do SEO”.

The technical bit…

So, what's the small amount of technical stuff you have to do then?

Well, when your website is being created, you will need to ensure that it conforms to a (fairly loose) set of standards.

For example, do your page addresses (URLs) look sensible? Do they look like “”? If not, and if they look like this: “”, then you need to get that fixed.

But seriously, no web developer worth their daily cuppa should be churning out sites like that.

Out of the box, your website should already have a fairly decent URL structure, and it should be easy to change.

And of course, there are things such as site maps, Google Analytics and Search Console, but they can all be set up
using plugins these days – no coding required.

If you can follow a set of basic instructions, then you're good to go.

The non-technical bit…

By far the most important work in the SEO world is the creation of content.

Can you write a bit? Can you download images from the Internet and type text on them to make them your own?

It really doesn't take much.

You don't need PhotoShop to edit images, there are free tools available on the Internet.

Want to do a presentation? Well, you could crank up PowerPoint if you have it, or you could just head across to Google Slides.

You can then publish that slideshow within your blog:

Easy? Yes.

But I can't write, draw, present or anything!

Shall I make it really easy for you?

You can get articles from here:

You can get people to do your presentations from here:

And you can ask your son/nephew/neighbour to set everything else up and add them to your site!

The sales bit

If course, what to write and where to put it is where the SEO experience comes in. And that's why we've distilled all of our knowledge into a rapidly expanding course.

The SEO Academy is now open to early-bird testers for the ridiculously low price of £27 per month.

It goes up to £47 per month soon, but if you get in now, your monthly fees will be frozen at £27 per month.

What sort of course is it?

It's an on-line course with written content, diagrams and videos, but in a few months we'll also be launching our seminar series for some face-to-face time and interaction with real humans. Yeah, scary huh?

Can I cancel at any time?

Yup, you're in control. Head across to PayPal and click “Cancel”. Easy peasy.

How do I get on this course? It sounds amazing!

Yes, it is amazing! It's not finished yet, but if you want to help us, we're offering membership at the ludicrously priced £27 per month.

I've only been persuaded to do it that cheap because someone has a video of me in a Russian hotel room.

Sign up here:


We were going to price it in dollars, but since the Brexit vote we realised you'd end up paying more.

Who'd a thunk it, eh? I've completely stopped importing Levi's now, it's cheaper from Matalan.