It seems that there can be no good news at the moment. Even ‘not too bad' news is seen as ‘bad news' in a media that is constantly looking to put down the economy, the country and the general state of the world.

For instance, news out yesterday ( and repeated constantly on the BBC tries to paint a poor picture for retailers. Apparently, sales are down on a year ago (considering we're in the middle of a recession, not too much of a shock) and are the worst for three years (again, if three years ago they were similar when we weren't in a recession, isn't that ‘not too bad at all‘?)

But the real ‘non-shocker' is that it is expected that Internet sales will rise over Christmas. If you're an Internet user, developer or marketer then you can happily blow a raspberry in the direction of the world and say “I told you so”.

For some, the Internet is a mystery. These are probably the same individuals that think the Renaissance happened to other people.

The Internet is here, it's ubiquitous and it's bringing riches and prosperity to many. The fact that retails sales are down isn't bad news, it's ‘things have changed' news and it should be welcomed. However, the recession is bad news and constant harping on about statistics that mean essentially nothing to a layman serve nothing but to worry and confuse.

If news and media keep on their apparent crusade of downplaying economic data in this way, we will hit the recession hard and full on. It will take companies down with it who don't deserve to fail.

Now is the time to make the best of a bad thing. If you're a marketeer, go and point out to your clients that today is the day to stand out from the crowd and make a difference. As most other companies are running scared, the ones who are brave can really put their head above the parapet and shine.