What happens when you search on the Internet? How do you get to what you want? You'll probably skip all the banner ads, and enter your own search term in Google. The more savvy internet users will also skip the “sponsored search engine results.” People are becoming more blind to online advertising.

Obviously, if you're marketing your goods or services on the Internet, those sorts of sponsored results and banner ads can give you a decent return on investment for the people that know what they are doing. For those new to marketing online, they'll generate some clicks, which may in turn generate some sales. Ideally, you want to optimize your site so that it naturally shows up high on the list. The playing field is much more level than in any other form of marketing. Small companies can own their much larger competitors.

So what does it mean to go natural?

People use the terms ‘natural' or ‘organic' search. This basically means its' just the ‘editorial' rather than ‘sponsored' search results. If you can fine-tune your site to land high in the list of organic search results, your marketing on the Internet will have the desired effects on your business. Unlike the paid advertisements, you can't just buy your way in. The only way to be found on the natural listings is to implement a programme of search engine optimisation.

The playing field is relatively level, but large companies do have some advantages when it comes to natural search engine optimisation. They tend to have a lot of sites linking to theirs. This affects search engine results substantially. Vendors, affiliates and partners often link freely to the corporation's website.

Advantages for Smaller Companies

Smaller companies, on the other hand, have some great advantages. Smaller companies tend to be more willing to pursue optimising their site to generate the natural results. They also have little or no red tape to sift through in order to get a decision made on optimising their sites and are more willing to outsource these tasks. Fast moving companies don't want to waste time figuring out what keywords people will search for, or working out the technical aspects of how a search engine indexes pages.

Huge corporations, tend to view natural search engine optimisation as a very small piece of an enormous puzzle and they've been doing without it for years. Quite possibly, may have been doing without the Internet for years. To be successfully naturally on the search engine results is now an open field. It is open to those small to medium sized companies that want to lead their field.