Are you losing sight of what is important in your web site or just losing out on international sales?

Whether you are currently exporting or considering it for the future, if your website doesn't appeal to international customers in their language, you are potentially losing out on thousands of pounds worth of trade.

Research has shown that if you don't provide content in the language of your audience, they will go to a site that does and you have effectively lost that sale.

Is this happening to you?

A token page translated into a foreign language is just that. It puts international companies off working with you and shows that you're not serious about catering to their needs.

Statistics show that 35% of the online population want to access web sites in their native language and if they can't find the information they want within the first five seconds, they go elsewhere. You have to make an impression to win that order within five seconds, so you have to get it right first time.

You need your web site to work for you and to market your company when you don't have the time to. This is one of the greatest tools for selling your products and it is the one aspect of marketing that companies neglect the most.

Calloway Green has joined up with Dixon Associates to create ‘ClickTrans' a system that enables you to combine machine technology and efficiency with human translation to provide quick and accurate versions of your pages and important information in any language.

By combining the same high quality translations you have come to expect from us with an easy to use self-publishing system, you no longer have to put up with complex website re-writing or fiddly publishing of PDF documents.

Translate as little or as much of your website as you want and ensure it is accurate and relevant at all times. Your visitors will see the language they want whenever they visit the site.

No need to wait weeks for copy to be approved and uploaded. It is instantly available to visitors the moment it has been translated and if you already have a web site designed, the system can work with that too.

Benefits at a glance:
o Continued human translation
o Automated system working with your existing or new web site
o Instant transfer to foreign language relevant to the user
o Immediate updated information uploaded to site
o Dynamic site working with and for your company.