Losing Facebook fans? Don’t worry, it’s a good thing

Facebook has had a lot of flak recently from many angles. It's share price was originally inflated due to it reporting an incredible number of active users and then dropped when it was discovered that lots of those users were fake.

They've made a lot of their apparently small percentage of fakes, but even a few percent is millions of accounts given the total number of accounts they have and so now it appears they're doing something about it and you may lose some fan numbers from your page.

Does it matter?I'd argue it doesn't. A fake fan is worthless and won't help your revenue or bring you more customers so them being there really just swells your numbers. We have over 2,000 fans on our pages, I have no idea how many of them are real as you have no control over who ‘likes' you but if that got purged down to 200 I'd be over the moon, because that would be 200 real users, no chaff.

And that's really important given that if I want to advertise to people and pay for it, I want to do it to real people, not bots that only log in to register their IP address, I actually want a real human being to read my advert and therefore click on it. If a bot clicks on it for some reason, he ‘ain't going to buy anything from me.

So, dear reader, if your fan count suddenly drops, don't worry – it's doing you a favour and you can be confident that the noise is being reduced so you can begin to focus on the real people out there.

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