In our last newsletter I explained how using our DIY SEO book principles I'd managed to get a completely new website on to the first page of Google within a couple of weeks. Well, it seems that if you type ‘Birmingham Laundry' into Google, the website I created is actually at number one!

Want to do this for your site?

We've been inundated with calls from people asking for more information about how to get to the top slot in Google. So we've got a plan!

OK, I might regret this, but I'm willing to send you a comprehensive list of instructions that will explain exactly how I used the search engine optimisation tactics from the DIY SEO book to get the Birmingham Laundry site to number one.

Every Single Step by Step Action


But we want something in return.

We only deal with companies who are serious about their marketing. Because we help big companies with big budgets and big ambitions, we can help the smaller guy who just needs a bit of help with their site for free. We don't mind giving away free stuff to help the companies around us, if it stimulates business for all, then we're happy.

However, we also know that if this went to everyone then it wouldn't be fair on the companies who are really committed to the web, the internet and their company.

So here's the deal. We will give away five copies of our new ebook that explains exactly every step taken to make a site get to number one in Google. These copies will be password protected and digitally signed. If you give them away, we'll know about it!

But we want something in return: We want leads and referrals.

Send us three contact names from companies you know who are serious about using the web and just don't know how to go about it. The first five people who send us three contacts will receive the new ebook, personalised just for them. You'll also get an early release copy of ‘How to blog with WordPress' before it's available for everyone to download.

Contact me, Andy, directly on and we'll talk. It's that simple.