Worse, are they performing bad SEO practices that go against Google’s guidelines and could result in you being dropped from the search engine altogether?


A bad campaign can destroy your Google presence and ruin your business.


Find out whether your agency is doing what they’re supposed to be doing, or are just wasting your money and ruining your chances of ever being found online.


Do you know what your SEO agency is doing?

Many companies leave it to their SEO agency to get on with the job of improving their Google ranking, thinking that they know best and that SEO is a dark art that only a few people are proficient in.

The trouble is, although SEO can be great for business, if your agency is anything less than transparent, they can result in your being banned from Google.

It’s happened all too often…

A few years ago, we were contracted by a company selling home furnishings.

They were up against shops like Homebase, Argos and B&Q – I think you’ll agree, that’s pretty tough competition.

They didn’t have much budget, but we took them on as they were local and we wanted to help a small company grow. 

After three months, we’d moved them from not being found at all, to the top twenty for a keyword that receives over 100,000 searches per month, beating some of the best in the business.

But they wanted more, and they wanted it quickly.

So, they left us and found a company that promised them top ten rankings for a couple of hundred pounds a month.

Here’s what happened:

Wait! I appear to be showing you how a competitor improved an ex-customer’s ranking for an extremely difficult keyword!


Let me tell you something else.

After three months of being that position, they had to double their staff because they were getting too many orders to handle.

Within six months of the swap to another company, they’d bought a huge warehouse to cope with all the stock they had to keep buying in.

Their business was skyrocketing!

I kept their ranking reports running, because I was intrigued at how they’d managed to do this so quickly, but I have to admit, after a bit, I left it alone, we had other customers to work on.

And then in January the next year, I logged in to clear out our ranking software and I noticed this:

That’s quite a shocking fall from grace.

I called them up and asked what had gone wrong, the owner of the company was petrified.

His new agency had been doing what we in the industry call “black hat” SEO, which is where they used techniques to try to trick Google into thinking a website should rank, when in reality, it shouldn’t.

In this case they’d been aggressively buying “backlinks” – links from other sites that aim to pass “link juice” to a page and help it get found in the results.

Unfortunately, this is a huge mistake and Google cracks down heavily on companies taking part in such schemes, penalising them.

Here’s what Google says:

You can find this document yourself here:

Of course, the owner didn’t know this, he just saw the rankings improve and the money roll in, but now things were different.

All of their keywords tanked, their traffic disappeared and they were in a tailspin.

After taking on staff, extra warehouses and more stock, they now had to start downsizing quickly or face bankruptcy.

We analysed the problem and now offer a service to customers who may be in the same situation.

We’ve discovered that many customers still don’t understand the ins and outs of SEO and how it can help your company get more leads or sell more products.

Worse, due to this lack of knowledge, it’s easy to be taken in by SEO companies who offer rediculous promises, take your money when it looks like they’re doing a great job then disappear when everything goes wrong.

Shall we check what your agency is up to?

Simply answer the questions below and we’ll run an analysis of your website.

We’ll do it stealthily and under the radar, using tools we’ve perfected over the years to analyse the various aspects of a website and how it ranks to discover if anything dodgy has been going on.

We’ll give you an honest report. 

We don’t need to know who your agency is, we don’t need any passwords and we don’t need any extra access to your site.

Just answer the questions, and we’ll do the rest and get back to you.

Audits from last week (W/E 7th August 2020)


Site type Result Reason
Brochure Penalty already applied, bad backlinks
Services Excellent potential, great content
Brochure site Great content 
e-commerce Keyword stuffing, hidden text, bad redirects, no backlinks
Brochure Good site, excellent content and linking

What your audit will include

full website technical audit

(Worth £297)

We use a mixture of world-class technical analysis tools as well as 20 years of experience to dig down deep into the workings of your website, analysing layouts, speed, and all the techincal issues that can affect your ranking.

We will also uncover any sly and underhand tactics used by SEO agencies that go unnoticed by many customers, but can eventually lead to your site being banned from Google.

forensic backlink examination

(Worth £397)

Using the world’s largest database of indexed links, we will discover all the links going to your website and fully analyse them to discover whether they are benefiting or harming your Google ranking.

Not only that, we can uncover bad backlinking practices, including the use of link-farms, private blog networks and paid-for placements that could end up with your website being banned from Google altogether.

competitor teardown

(Worth £297)

Why are your competitors beating you constantly?

What is is that means their websites are always ranking above yours, when you have invested so much in SEO?

We’ll find out and provide you with a blueprint which explains exactly what you need to do in order to beat them and STEAL THEIR SALES!

competitor-destroying ranking blueprint

(Worth £597)

We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do in order to wipe out your competitors, dominate the search results and bring in more sales than you’ve ever had, all using entirely safe SEO tactics that we’ve PROVEN to work time and time again.

No secrets are held back, everything is laid out in black and white so you can understand why your current SEO company is failing you and what you need to do in order to turn it around.


(Worth over £1000)

Limited slots left!

Because each audit is hand-written, we only perform a lmited number per month, when the slots are filled, we stop, so fill out your details now to guarantee your audit before they’re gone!

Typical Results

Here are some examples of the ranking improvements we’ve acheived for customers using ONLY safe SEO techniques that DO NOT break any of Google’s terms.

print services company

Six keywords that were on page six of Google, we took them to page one, with four keywords ranking number one within 71 days, 18,000 searches per month.

Automotive education company

46 days to take five high volume keywords to top 10, one in the top 3 for 8,000 searches per month.

technology startup 

Two keywords with over 50,000 searches per month in a highly competitive market, beating Samsung, Dell and Toshiba.