Arrrggghhh!!! The Internet's too full!!

Here we are in a world full of information, I mean, absolutely chock full of the stuff, and yet what do people like us keep telling you to do? Create more information. Yup, keep churning that shizzle out so that you can fill an already overflowing pot with even more stuff. Tons and tons of stuff.

There's an oft paraphrased misquote, which I'm going to misquote here, called “Sturgeon’s law” that states “95% of everything is rubbish.”

Visually, and relating to content, that means:


The Internet is mostly rubbish

Is this good or bad for us as marketers?

You want to sell stuff and in doing so, we would recommend that you give information to people. If you create that information, you have a choice. You could just throw it into the general pot of rubbish (the blue bit above), or you could make sure it's magnificent and chuck it in the yellow bit. Even then, that yellow bit is pretty big, too; it's just small when compared to the blue bit.

By focussing on the yellow, we're cutting out 95% of the dross, but there's still gazillions of bits of information in there so do we need to focus some more? What does that yellow bit look like?


Even this little bit of it is mostly rubbish

So even by throwing our information out at that lot, we're not helping our cause because we're still hitting a bunch of clients that won't be interested in us. If we wanted to target manufacturers, what's the point of trying to sell our services to plumbers?

Now, one objection we get a lot is that by focussing on one particular segment of the market, we're excluding all the others. Somehow, we're missing out on a ton of potential markets just because we didn't target them specifically. It's a fair point but have you noticed how virtually *all* advertising is targeted?

On the TV, adverts are displayed based on the type of person that is likely to be watching at that time. Let's take an example. I was watching a program the other day that dealt with house renovation. It had adverts for plumbing stores, house magazines, alarms and companies who will fix your plumbing.

The companies placing those adverts are targeting a specific group of people who are probably more likely to buy their products and services because they've chosen to watch a program related to it.

Are they excluding anyone? Of course not. Will people *not* buy their products because they weren't targeted specifically? No!

The same goes for . You need to find out who your ideal customers are and then just focus on reaching them. Marketing has, for years, been about finding your ideal prospect and nurturing them into becoming your ideal client. You can only do this effectively by finding out who they are, being where they are and talking in their language.

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