How It Works

Here’s the process we use to get your website ranking higher in Google search.

Our Process

Analyse the Keywords

When you’ve ordered your package, we’ll analyse your keywords.

Build & Deploy

We’ll begin creating links using the keywords you’ve chosen with highly relevant content.

Investigate Content

We then use our extensive content network and look for link opportunities.

Iterate & Improve

Our algorithms will check each link and boost them on secondary networks.

How It Works

We start with your keywords

Keywords are extremely important – it’s how people will find your site.

When you sign up with our service, we’ll look at the keywords you’ve chosen and suggest any changes we believe might help you rank better, or gain more effective results.

We’ll then feed them into our system and begin building links based on them. These links will help your site rank for those particular keywords.

Next, we find relevant content

The web is awash with content. 

We find the content that suits your website and the keywords you’re trying to rank for based on your location, make and models of vehicles.

We’ll rewrite the content and deploy

We then subtly change the content, sometimes quoting the original (just as newspapers like the Guardian, Times etc do) and include links back to your website.

This builds up the relevancy of your site and, over time, improves ranking.


Each month we see how the work has affected your site and look for other improvements.

We’ll find more content, and find the best way to improve keyword ranking month-on-month.