Google’s Disavow Tool – Get Rid of Spammy Links

This year has been a massacre for many sites as they've been hit by either ‘Panda' or ‘Penguin' – two of the most drastic changes to the Google search algorithm in years.

The last one, ‘Penguin‘ meant that your site could be penalised if it had lots of bad links going to it. This is obviously a ‘bad thing' because it opens the door to people doing ‘negative SEO' i.e., attempts to damage your ranking by linking low end websites to yours without you knowing.

Well, Google has realised this could be a HUGE problem and have released some tools of their own to help you.

Here's a video that explains all about it.


Will this save your website?

Well, I put a warning in there because if it does do  something then it could be very dangerous indeed, I mean really dangerous. You upload the wrong list and a whole year's worth of link building could bite the dust – you don't want that happening.

So, only use this as a last resort and don't be tempted to use it just because your rankings drop a bit.

What if it doesn't work?

Google is at pains to tell us that it knows which are spammy links and which aren't. They tell us all the time that you can't be hit by negative SEO and so you have to wonder then why they created this tool.

Maybe it's just to keep people quiet and it's just the virtual equivalent to the ‘close doors' button in elevators that doesn't actually do anything.

What could you do instead?

Let's not forget that behind all the tactics of online marketing, Google are still looking for good quality, authoritative websites. Here's six ways you could help your website become bombproof.


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