We talk a LOT about Content Marketing. We implement a lot of Content Marketing, for ourselves and for our clients.

But it's important that we always keep it in the context of building businesses, not just creating content for the sake of it.

So in this post, I want to draw your attention to a piece of content marketing I came across that was incredibly well implemented and something you could create yourself (with some time and effort) that is generating specific leads for the company that created it.

I cover it all in the following video, but right below is the written version.

Edited Transcription:

Just wanted to draw your attention to a really good piece of content marketing. As you know, we do a lot of content marketing for clients. We teach this, we teach SEO, and when I see something that's really well done online, I think it's worth drawing your attention to and seeing how you can emulate this and other people can emulate this kind of strategy.

So, this started off where a friend of mine, Luke Tonge, posted a link to a craft beer branding guide:

Now, the reason he posted this is because he runs a Facebook group called CRTD, and he's always drawing attention to really well-designed stuff. This started of as a “isn't this well-designed,” so I clicked on it, and I found this Craft Beer Branding Guide.

We talk about niching your marketing as much as you can so you're really hitting the market you're after and you're really talking to them directly. If I ran a craft beer of or if I was a brewery of some kind, I'd find the contents of this page so specific I'd want to download the free guide.

What they've done as well as having that guide and the video is they've put a step-by-step guide, probably the same content, actually on the site itself.

If you click here, you've got a chapter, and within that chapter, you can then read about everything they would recommend about pushing your craft beer business.

The website itself is called craftbeerbrandingguide.com, so it's all geared around this one offer to get this guide in front of the right kind of people.

So, that book and that guide and that website is what we'd call a lead magnet, and that lead magnet is being run by this company here called CODO Design, who I've only just come across, but I really like what they do.

I have a background in design, so I love the style of everything they do, but as you can see, it's all about breweries, all about packaging, all about branding within that space. They really have thought through in terms of they want to own that space and be the branders for craft beer market, beer market. I don't know how many of the design agencies do this, but these guys look like they really have hit that market hard. The other thing they've done, as well, is they've made sure they appeared on the craft beer podcast. Another great avenue to reach the audience.

Note: in the video above, I said they had a podcast, but realised afterwards, they don't run that podcast, they appeared on it.

We speak to people all the time that say, “I can't go too niche, because I'll miss out on other work.” These guys are going really niche and while I don't know them, I would imagine they are doing really well.

What about you?

So, I want you to think about this in terms of your marketing. You don't have to put all your marketing to one niche, but can part of your marketing be about the people you serve and how you can get more information the them and help them do what they need to do so that they see you as the guys who can eventually help them and help them along each step of the progress.

Maybe you could even create a podcast for your target market.

If you apply any of these ideas, let us know in the comments below.