Many an SEO company will promise you page one rankings and increased website traffic galore… but make no effort to understand your business or SEO goals.

Thousands of pounds later, you might well end up disappointed with the results and your SEO company’s efforts may have done more harm than good… bummer.

It’s easy to get burned by an SEO company that promises the earth and delivers thin air.

So, how do you avoid getting caught out by SEO charlatans who take your money and squander it?

Our top tip is to find an SEO company that works WITH you and NOT for you. Often leaving an SEO company to get on with it because they call themselves ‘the specialists’ is the worst mistake you can make. 

To help you find a company that works with you, first you need to understand SEO, how to get the best out of it for your business and what an SEO agency should be doing to help.

Understanding SEO 

SEO is often misunderstood, thought of as haphazardly littering content with keywords, and ‘shazam’, web traffic will start flooding in.

Back in the early days of SEO, when keyword stuffing was all the rage and content was full of key phrases used in painstakingly unnatural ways, sticking key terms anywhere seemed to work – to an extent.

However, search engines are smarter now, penalising content that ‘over does it’ with keywords.

Don’t get us wrong, choosing the right keywords is still very much an important part of SEO… but, they are simply the building blocks on which to create an entire SEO strategy.

With that in mind, an SEO company has to offer you much more than selecting keywords FOR you and telling you that they will work. 

They must work WITH you and develop a strategy that not only identifies the right keywords, but helps you use them effectively.

After all, you know your business and your customers better than anyone else. You know how customers describe your product or service and how they find you on the web. 

If an SEO company is not leveraging your understanding of your customers as a starting point, then let that be a warning sign… they’re probably not the right SEO partner for you.

How to choose an SEO company that won’t waste your money

A good SEO company will do the following to ensure that you’re not wasting your money on search engine optimisation:

#1 – Clear goals will be established

So much money is wasted on SEO because clear goals are not set, and parties are unclear about what they’re getting into in the first place. 

We’ve known companies to end up getting in so deep with an SEO agency that didn’t analyse a website for deficiencies first. 

Business owners end up spending thousands of pounds on ‘specialists’ to fix SEO performance issues, only to be told that the project has hit a dead end because the company website isn’t up to scratch.

The result, thousands invested in SEO, but what’s needed is a new £15,000 website… arrrgggh!

Equally, the number of stories we’ve heard about business owners wanting to see results with one set of metrics, but SEO professionals basing performance on a different set of metrics, is unbearable.

Far too many SEO projects turn sour because things are left open to interpretation or assumed. 

A good SEO company will ensure that a thorough analysis of the state of your SEO takes place, clear goals are set and that what defines ‘performance’ is understood by all parties.

#2 – Measuring the right metrics

Although most SEO and web analytics tools have been around for a long time, the best SEO companies understand that measuring metrics is not a one-size-fits all for each company.

Analysis of the wrong metrics can blur performance, causing businesses to throw more money at SEO to get better results, when in fact there’s no need to do so.

For example, it’s easy to invest heavily in SEO and only measure last-click conversions. This means that the role of organic search on the customer journey could be missed.

Any SEO company worth their salt will make sure they understand the complete picture when it comes to the journey taken by your customers, to ensure that investment in SEO is made in all the right places.

#3 – Using up to date tactics and strategies

A lot of SEO companies do their customers a disservice by using outdated SEO tactics and strategies that cause companies to bleed money. 

A good SEO company knows that things like creating many subdomains or having web pages for each keyword variation, are outdated SEO practices on which to spend money and will instead steer you in a direction that gives you value for money and a better return.

#4 – Using tools that serve your strategy

Some SEO companies are notorious for convincing customers to pay extra for the use of tools that they really don’t need. 

A good SEO company will only recommend tools that serve to benefit your overall strategy, rather than making you spend needless money on something that is rarely used or delivers poor results.

Why you need an SEO company 

SEO has a lot of moving parts and constantly needs feeding. It’s a specialised and time-consuming task because there’s so much involved.

The best SEO specialists offer you so much more than keyword research. They can help you with:

  • Initial website optimisation
  • Website submission to search engines
  • Improving the user experience 
  • Content creation
  • Ongoing optimisation and updates

Why choose Calloway Green?

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