Finding the right fingerprint jewellery gives a lesson in SEO

If a company wants to be found in Google then they'll often come up with a wish-list of keywords that they want to be in the top ten for. Usually this list comprises of keywords that get gazillions of searches but which are almost impossible to rank for. For example, a Ford dealer in Stourbridge wanting to be found for ‘Cars' – that'd be crazy.

So I want to tell you a story about how the search for a Christmas present actually gave us what we wanted, but not what we first searched for.

A couple of weeks ago my wife decided to sit down and find a company specialising in ‘fingerprint jewellery'. This is neat stuff – your kids' fingerprints in little  silver shapes on a necklace, dead smart. So a search ensued for “fingerprint jewellery”. Me being in the business, I'd have looked at the first four or five results, picked the one with the least offensive website and clicked ‘buy'.

My wife is different, she browses the web like walking around the Merry Hill Centre, never choosing the first item but instead comparing and contrasting and looking for exactly the right thing.

It was while doing this that she discovered she really liked heart-shaped ones. They're tasteful, honest. And so she checked the sites that she'd already found and discovered that none of them really fitted the bill – so she then searched for “double fingerprint necklace” ‘cos that's what she wanted.

And we found

Check that page out. It's optimisation heaven.

  1. Title contains the keyword
  2. URL contains the keyword
  3. Description? Picked up from the text

But you know what the best thing is? It's niche. I couldn't find this company in the top 100 for fingerprint jewellery but they're attracting (intentionally or not) customers to a more niche product where they are more likely to buy.

This is the beauty of Google and it absolutely hammers home something I've been going on about for ages and that is, if you sell multiple products or services then you don't want to get people going to your front page, you want them to go to the actual product page. People these days don't want to use Google just to find a website and then have to search again, they want to go straight to the product they're after and if you can provide them with that, you'll have a far more motivated buyer.

Customer service

But there's something else. Customer service sometimes doesn't just mean an automated email to say your order has been received (although that's essential), it also means adding a human touch. Remember, it's just a website and people may not have heard of you before so you need to make them feel happy about giving you their credit card details.

In our case, we sent off our details but the Royal Mail were to blame in meaning we missed the deadline – two week delay in the post no less. However Julie at Happy Prints said no problem – they'll be dispatched in time for Christmas.

Awesome stuff.

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