As web developers we tend to move in some really odd circles. It seems that whatever profession you choose, there’s a bunch of people who latch on to it and want to ask you questions. Usually when you’re in the pub tucking into a particularly nice packet of nuts.

Solicitors will be asked “how can I sue my accountant?”, estate agents will be asked “is the house market really in depression?” and bankers will be asked “what the hell is the credit crunch anyway?”

If you’re anything to do with the web, you’ll get asked “how can I be number one on Google?”. It’s enough to make you cry.

The fact is, the internet is a funny place and most people seem to think that because everyone can get it and anyone can have a website for essentially a few pounds, to get to number one on Google should also be free. Well, it can be free, but like most things in the knowledge economy, it’s free if you know how to do it. If you don’t know how to do it, it costs.

I could do my own accounts for free if only I knew how to do it. I could sell my own house if I knew how. But for some strange reason, many people seem to think that everything on the internet should be free, including marketing and the knowledge on how to do marketing.

Amazon didn’t cost a few hundred quid to set up and market. It took millions. Same with YouTube, Digg, Facebook etc.etc.

Some sites did well on no money, but that’s because the people behind them worked on the code, the marketing and the launch themselves. If you add up their time and multiply by a consultant’s fee, you’ll arrive at the real cost of setting up their website. It will never be free.

But why pick on this particular subject? Well, it’s because we’re about to launch a complete search engine marketing service for all those customers who are serious about selling stuff on the internet. Serious as in they view it as important as all other marketing and advertising. We don’t sell websites to people who aren’t serious about making money from it, so there’s no point in marketing a site for exactly the same reason.

Thing is, if you get it right, you can earn unlimited amounts from the web. That’s right. Unlimited. No limits. Let that sink in for a minute. The internet is ace. If you put an advert in the local paper, you’ll be hard pushed to get a few thousand people looking at it, let alone giving a damn. On the telly? Yeah, it gets pushed in front of a few million if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford a prime-time spot.

The internet? The difference is, people are looking for you. People go to Google to look for stuff. All you’ve got to do is make sure that when people are looking for stuff, they find you.

Easy. If you know how. If not, you can always pay someone…

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