Many many people call us and ask if we can get them to the top of Google, which is fine, but what happends when you get there? When people get onto your site, what do they think? Do people’s experiences on your website match your expectations of what they experience? Or is your site just plain BAD?

If more than 5 of the following are true then you may need some help

  • Does your website color scheme looks like a cartoon character exploded.
  • Even you would never read through all the text on your site.
  • People have time to go to lunch before your site loads.
  • When you last update your site, Forrest Gump was a hit film.
  • Good grammer is optional.
  • Your domain name gives people RSI when they type it in.
  • You use casual spelling on your site like you are trieing 2 snd a txt msg.

Ok, these are just a bit of fun, but you should seriously think about your site, it’s content, the way people see it and use it. Then when you do reach those dizzy heights of the front page of Google, you can expect some business to come through it.

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