Email & Marketing Automation

The most effective promotion strategy

Website owners often resist sending emails to their prospects. There’s a fear that people will unsubscribe, or that they might fall fould of the law.

However, it’s consistently the most effect method of marketing for many businesses.

When people sign up to your mailing list, it’s because they’re intested in one of their products, but do you know which one?

Marketing automation means you can specifically target the right people with the right message, increasing delivery of emails and providing better value for your customers.

Automation makes it easy

You don’t need to constantly nurse your email campaigns. 

When someone signs up to receive your free offer or download your e-book, and email is sent to them automatically. 

A set of follow emails can then be scheduled, again automatically, so your customer gets to know all about your company and what you offer.

Re-engage with abandoned shopping carts

E-commerce sites can suffer from abandoned carts, in fact, up to 74% of carts are left unprocessed. 

However, an email sent at a strategic time after the cart is abandoned can help to bring that customer back, increasing sales and revenue.