Social networking is a phenomenon that has passed many people by. Some people view it as the most important thing to happen on the internet since the internet itself, others that it's a big waste of time that yields no results. Both could be right.

There are so many different platforms for social networking that it's hard to keep track of which one to use, I decided to have a crack a ‘Twitter‘.

Most people's reaction to Twitter is that it's a way for people with no life to waste even more time online. When I checked it out, my suspicions were correct.

However, with all these things when there is a mass of people communicating together, there is an opportunity to market your business. After spending some time on Twitter, I came up with the following reasons you and your business should be utilizing it:

1. First and foremost a direct increase in your web traffic.

2. Greater interactivity in terms of people opting-in to your subscriber lists and comments on your blog.

3. The ability to directly connect with people that you would not be able to reach any other way. Possibly even businesses that you want to work alongside, not just market to. This could open the door to some nice co-marketing, affiliate marketing or joint ventures down the line.

4. Increased sales! (Depending on your offering of course).

5. It's an opportunity to branch out globally. We aren't just attracting a UK audience interested in web marketing and SEO, but we've had people from lots of other countries including France, Australia and the US communicating with us too.

6. Twitter can help you easily generate more ideas for your overall marketing plan by seeing what the competition is doing. You may even find competition that you didn't know existed.

And now I'd like to invite you to follow us on Twitter and see how we leverage this ‘social media tool' for networking and strategic internet marketing at