One of the most infuriating things a web designer has to deal with is the constant questions about how much money a website will make and how long it will take for it to be number one on Google. It's become so bad now that every question like this just phases me out and all I hear is a slight buzzing noise at the back of my head.

Seriously, please shut up.

I'll give you the answer here: no search engine optimisation company can tell you your site will be ‘number one' in ‘x' days for ‘y' length of time and you will make ‘z' millions pounds. It's impossible because until they've started your campaign, analysed your market and measured some results, there's no way to tell.

Sure we can do some keyword research and find out what the most searched for terms are and yes we can find all the variations of a particular set of keywords, but whether they will end up with someone parting with their hard-earned cash is another matter.

Oh, and the design of your site has nothing to do with whether you like pink or green as a background either. The psychology of buying is extremely complex and you don't understand it. We understand it, but we don't necessarily understand it in your industry.

Let me put it this way, if we knew how to sell a million widgets to the world using a certain set of keywords, don't you think we'd be doing that already?

Search engine optimisation is slow, it's methodical and sorry to point this out, it's dead boring. Boring, that is, until you reach the top five for a set of keywords. But even then it doesn't guarantee you'll make any money out of it because you never know, people just might not like your product.

If you have a million visitors a day and nobody buys, then it's nothing to do with the search engines, it's something to do with your site, your product or you. And we can't tell you that until we've measured it.

Notice I keep saying the ‘measure' word? Yes, SEO isn't just ‘fire and forget'. We don't just set it up and let it go and the keep checking to see where you are, no, we measure and check that what we're doing is absolutely right for your company. When we get it right (which we will, eventually), your site will be high in the rankings, it will make money and you will get rich.

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