While surfing the web this morning on the lookout for inspiration, I happened across an article that had an advert embedded in it. The great thing is, this advert wasn’t selling anything, it was giving me free information.

It started off by grabbing my interest with a title that was a bit out of the ordinary:

Hmmmm kaaaaay...

Hmmmm kaaaaay…


I had to click on it.

Here’s the video in full:


See what they did there?

Without showing their products and without ramming “Special offers” down my throat, they simply advised that I could use a toilet roll as a biodegradable seed pod.

If you head over to their website, you get to see other “Bright Ideas”, some of which will need products, some of which won’t, but the thing is, they’re not forcing you to do anything.

Why this works

I can’t stand gardening. I really can’t. I’m also not a fan of hipsters, but I’m still interested in what’s going on here and as I pass a Dobbies every time I go to Wales, I might actually be tempted to nip in.

It’s got me interested.

The hipster fella has be beguiled with his three-piece suit. I’m probably more interested in the impracticality of gardening in evening attire than potting plants, but that doesn’t matter, the fact is, I’m interested.

Could you do this with your business?

What can you give away that people will be interested in and that may lead on to sales?

It doesn’t have to be a video, it can be information that saves people money, that helps them succeed with or without your help. And that’s the key.

I don’t have to go to Dobbies to get a particular type of toilet roll. I don’t need any particular type of potting compost and I don’t need to use their trowels to dig the dirt. I could get that stuff from anywhere, but Dobbies knows that by giving you that free information, you’ll remember them.