How we work

Ensuring you get what you need, when you need it

We want to make sure you have realistic, acheivable expectations, so it's important we get on and can work together well.

Initial Conversation

Are our two companies a good fit? Can we work together?

It sounds crazy, but we don't work with everyone. We need to get on, we need to trust each other and most importantly, we need to believe in the process.

Website Audit

We'll check your website to see how your content is organised, what the quality is like, who it reaches out to.

We'll also check that there's nothing that could potentially put Google off ranking your site.

Content Audit

We're going to be creating content, but what have you already got? Many companies have tons of great content already – but it's stuck in an archive somewhere.

We'll get at it and see if it can be re-purposed and distributed to get more customers interested in your products.

Buyer Persona

Who is your ideal customer? Where do they hang out? When do they buy?

We do a comprehensive audit of your potential buyers and work out the best way to engage with them.

Content Plan

When we know who we're writing for, we then decide what to write.

We need to find out what questions your potential customers are asking – and answer them.

This is where great content really shines.

Content Amplification

We've written it, so let's tell people! Using social media, blogs and a whole host of other techniques, we'll put your content out there where people can see it.

This is the key to drawing people into your blog and eventually getting leads.

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The Results?

It could me more leads, sales, or maybe the download of an e-book, but whatever it is, the aim is to increase the success over time.

We'll continue to alter, tune and refine the process to reach more people, build your rankings but also turn your prospects into fans and then customers.

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