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Quickly find out the best strategies to attract and convert prospects into clients. Get more clarity on:

  • Working out the search keywords your customers are looking for.
  • Which links work and which are harmful.
  • How often should you be posting content.
  • .. and much more.

What people are saying about this guide…

“I like this book a lot, because it explains the mysteries of SEO in everyday language and is an easy read. It has inspired me to do what is suggested because now I understand what it all means. The scary techy bits are explained simply and clearly and for a non-techy like me, that is most important and very useful.”

Jan Evans

As a designer and branding expert, I wanted to learn more about SEO and ranking websites. This guide is simple to understand and easy to implement.

Dave Newton

“Love it! Important, need to know information written in a clear, easy-to-understand fashion. Well done and beautifully designed too!

Loved the bit about “Google doesn't always send people to the homepage of your website ,they send people to the most relevant page”. If only people understood this, and took it more seriously…”

Mukesh Kumar