I’m going to guess that in my lifetime and in your lifetime, you’ve not experienced anything quite like the Coronavirus Crisis which is affecting us all on a Global scale. I also want to challenge you at the same time with the following question. Are you going to use this time of isolation to consume content or create content?

One of the temptations at the moment, during all the uncertainty, is to watch the news as much as possible. Checking out what’s going on around the World as well as the country that you live in?

I’m in the UK, so we’ve been wondering about business closures and school closures and waiting for the Government to make a decision on what’s best. There’s a whole load of scenarios to think about, but it’s very easy just to be fixated on the news and on other people’s opinions and consume way more information than you’re going to be able to impement.

Of course we don’t want to be ignorant at all. But on balance, how much are you consuming right now versus how much are you creating? At Calloway Green, we’re always talking about creating content such as videos, blogs and tutorials to tell the world what it is that you do, what you know, and how it can help them.

I’ll give you an example. I asked my accountant the other day, “How should we make sense in the UK right now of what’s going on financially?” Are businesses going to get support? Are the government going to dive in? What happens to companies who literally cannot do business at the moment?”

He said to me, “I’ve already put a blog post together,” and he’s now regularly blogging. They’re taking the government’s advice, which can sometimes be really complicated, and condensing it into really concise blog posts.

Whatever industry you’re in, there’s something to say. For example, if you’re in manufacturing right now, what are the main things happening in manufacturing? Is manufacturing slowing? Is it increasing because of the demands out there for new medical equipment?

You know what’s happening in your industry. So don’t keep it to yourself. Make sure you creating content on a regular basis and getting it out there. And I guarantee that when you come through this, the ones who’ve been stay positive, creating good content, and being very visible at this time will be the ones who really kind of accelerate coming out of the other side of this situation.