How to Create Compelling Content when You’ve Lost Inspiration

Sometimes, you just have no inspiration. You get stuck. You want people to come back to your site more than just the once. You know you have to be creating compelling content on a regular basis to do this.

We all have moments like these.

We created this quick video to give you a load of different ways of creating content.

Video Transcribe:

Google have spent the last two, three, maybe four years, maybe longer, insuring that low quality sites, spam sites, sites that are there just for the sake of it to make the owners money without any effort have been penalized. They’ve been dropped down the search engines. Google is all about making sure when you search, you get the best quality content. So because that’s their aim, they’re going to expect the same from you. Now, this puts a lot of pressure on companies. We met a company last week, and they were saying to us, “Look, we create,” well, “We have storage space. We sell storage space. How on earth can we blog about that? Create content about that?” Here is what we told them:

Number one, ask your customers what they struggle with. This is a great idea if you have a lot of customers or a lot of people calling you up, and the reason is that the struggles that your customers have, or potential customers, if you can answer them online before they come to you, it will show them that you’re the expert of what you do. Now, with storage, for example, there’s a lot of issues, people don’t know whether their stuff is going to be safe. They don’t think they are going to have 24 hour access. They don’t know if they keep precious paintings there whether they are going to get damp. There’s a lot of issues surrounding storage, so we said to them, “Ask you customers, get a list, and create content.” It sounds simple and it is, but then it comes to what kind of content do you create?

Blog Posts

Okay, now the first type of content is textual, so a blog post for example. If you can write, if you can put 300 or more words together on a topic, then you have a blog post. Make sure that’s on your site. Make sure it’s labeled up well, and Google will start to find that content on your site.


The second type of content is video content. This simple video is just me in front of the camera in a house, and putting it up on YouTube afterwards. Anybody can do this with a camera. You can do this with a cheap Flip camera which is about £100 or more expensive camera depending upon what you want, but it’s not difficult anymore to get a video and put it on the Internet. Just make sure again, it’s relevant, it’s engaging, people will listen to it, and it will brand you as the people who know what they’re doing.

Before and After

The third type of content is the before and after. Now, people who do this well are maybe renovators, or somebody who provides a solution. Now, my wife for example, she’s a wedding makeup artist, and she does an incredible making people look fantastic on their wedding day, and often on Facebook with the permission of the person she’ll put the before photo and then she’ll put the wedding day photo, so they can see clearly the results of spending money with her. Now, she’s had three or four bookings just through Facebook, just through showing those photos, so if you do anything where there’s a result at the end, and you can show the before and after, that’s an excellent way of getting your point across.


Okay, the next one is being a commentator. So, somebody who commentates about the industry or about news brings other content together in one place. An example I saw of this was The Hobbit film. When that came out Bilbo at the start signed a contract for the journey for the rest of the film, and a lawyer company, I can’t remember where they are who took that contract apart and said how it would have worked in the real world. Now, a bit of fun, a bit silly, but shows that they think differently about their content and were able to pick upon a popular topic and bring it into their market. You can also comment on other people’s opinions and have your opinion there, and what that does it enables people if they agree with you, or at least if you bring a new light on a topic, to come to you as again, the expert, and will come back to see what you say on a particular topic all the time.


Another thing to do is to record audio. Now, most mobile phones and devices have an audio record on them, so it’s very easy to sit in a quiet room or a quiet space and record an audio interview or a podcast, or just your opinion on something. Now, interviews are great because the person asking question, if it’s the right question, will resonate with the person listening to the podcast or the audio. It’s also great because people now are downloading a lot of audio, listening to it in their cars, listening to it in their gym, and you can be the voice that they think about when they think about your topic whether that’s fishing or being a lawyer, or estate agents, or anything if people are interested in it, they will download it. They will listen to it. So if they are going to do that, make sure it’s your content.

Just create it…

Okay, so just to summarize. There’s a lot of different ways of creating content. If you’re really stuck, look what your competitors are doing, and at least be doing a little bit more than them.

Chris Green

Chris Green

Marketing Director at Calloway Green
Chris Green is the co-owner and marketer for Calloway Green Ltd, a digital marketing agency based in the middle of the UK.
Chris Green
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