Cleaning up Twitter followers the nice way

I've been on Twitter now for approximately ever and so I've got quite a lot of followers and as a result, I follow a lot of people. Back in the day when it all started, it was tradition to follow back when someone followed you but with the advent of robots that just followed anything and anyone, this meant lots of us ended up following some right idiots.

Time to clean up methinks.So every year (at least) I do a big clean up and today is the day. This obviously takes time but I haven't got much of that – too busy with important work, so I've gone on the search for a tool to do it for me. I think I've found a cracker.

Twit Cleaner is a tool that will rip through the people you follow and see what they're up to. If they're involved in dodgy behaviour or they're inactive or they're robots, it'll alert you and you can then decide what to do about it. Here's the summary screen from when I did it earlier:

Look at that! 59% of the people I follow are potentially garbage!

To be honest, the line that says “Try to sell you crap” was enough to win me over. Underneath the report you then get a list of people incriminated in the crime of being rubbish Tweeters, and you can then get rid by simply clicking on them.

Due to Twitter's terms, you can't go crazy and un-follow everyone in one go – that's called spamming and so the system allows you to un-follow 500 a day which is nice apparently.

I suggest you do it.

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