There are times as a web developer or content marketer when normal day-to-day work involves doing more mediocre tasks that take up a lot of time.

Today was a day when I faced a challenge.

I had to take over 10,000 images and reduce their size down from the humongous 3000px resolution to a more manageable 800px, while still preserving the aspect ratio, and convert them from png or sometimes tiff, to jpg.

Of course, you PhotoShop users out there will start screaming “use an actionscript,” and normally I'd spend a while getting to grips with it, hoping it doesn't crash halfway through and then maybe later tonight, half of them will be done.

But, I decided to search for something, and boy, did I find it!

XnConvert just does it.


Add a folder, or maybe two or three folders (it's OK, it'll go through all sub-folders, too.):

And then add some actions:

In this one I'm just telling it to resize, but you could do all sorts, such as add masks, recolour, add a vignette, the list goes on.

And then in the output tab you can set what format you want to save it as, and even if you want to change the file name:

The “options” tab is really good. It means you can pop your processed files in a completely new directory while keeping the original folder layout.

A job that would have taken all day, was completed in about an hour and a half – brilliant!