Author: Chris Green

27 Experts Share Their Top Marketing Predictions for 2018

I don't need to tell you that the business landscape is constantly changing. Facebook has gone through many changes, as has Google and other large platforms. What your clients are looking for may have changed as well. There are so many ways you can market your business online and offline right now, we thought we'd ask top marketers the following question: “What, in your opinion, will be the most important factor in marketing in 2018” Here's what they said: #1 – Pat Flynn “As the space gets crowded and as platforms continue to control and throttle reach, it's more...

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How to Generate More Leads Through Content Marketing

We talk a LOT about Content Marketing. We implement a lot of Content Marketing, for ourselves and for our clients. But it's important that we always keep it in the context of building businesses, not just creating content for the sake of it. So in this post, I want to draw your attention to a piece of content marketing I came across that was incredibly well implemented and something you could create yourself (with some time and effort) that is generating specific leads for the company that created it. I cover it all in the following video, but right...

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Periscope for Business? Here’s what the Top Marketers Say

The live-streaming app brought to you by the team behind Twitter has been an huge hit. I don't think i've seen so many people so quickly adopt a new platform. If you aren't sure exactly what Periscope is, we did a rundown here. Just to emphasise my point that you can use Periscope for Business, here's what some of the top marketers and entrepreneurs are saying: Dan Norris In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little bit excited about Periscope. Think webinars but for busy people, via your phone and with loads more interaction – “one with many” instead of “one to many” I heard someone describe it as. From Dan's Blog: Chris Marr In the past few months something amazing has happened – mobile live streaming via Periscope! For me, there are two major benefits. Firstly, it so simple to tap into your audience and share your thoughts and experiences as they happen. I’m a podcaster and this has just taken things to a new level for me. Secondly, as a consumer on Periscope I am able to build my relationship with other people in my audience that I otherwise would never see or hear from. In short, the barriers for access to people have just been blown out of the water and there has never been a better time to get involved in social communication. Have...

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