It's Christmas, so I know nobody is watchin (looks around), but if you are then you might be interested in this little experiment in swift Google indexing.

The idea is to get Google to index a page really quickly and understand the content of that page. The page is an ecommerce site about tyre changers and with a bit of luck, it will be indexed quickly.

If luck isn't on our side, then it won't make much difference, but that's the whole point about experimentation!

The idea of the above site is to attract customers who are using a particular set of keywords. The tyre changers direct site is a window onto an ebay store, therefore content is easily found. The site specifically extracts information about garage equipment, tyre changing equipment and other related items. By concentrating on one particular niche (in this case automotive, specifically tyres and wheels) we are giving Google a really easy target.

We are also specifically targetting cheap tyre changers and discount tyre equipment. Should be a doddle!