A short post this one because I don’t want you reading it, I want you to go and read something else because it’s brilliant.There’s a company called “Lead Forensics” that do a rather good job of marketing their product. If you haven’t heard of them, I’ll explain what they do, it’s clever.

What they have is a bit of code they pop on your website which monitors where visitors are coming from. What it does is analyse the IP address of the user currently browsing your website and it works out which company they work for – assuming it’s a big enough company to warrant their own dedicated IP address. It can also give contact details assuming the person browsing has filled in forms and surrendered their details in the past, all very swish. Thing is, it can be expensive, something like £140 a month and if you don’t get many visitors, it’s a bit of a turn off.

I quite fancied the idea of knowing who visits our site, but more from the point of view of just being a bit nosey, so I didn’t want to spend 140 quid on it, I’ve got better things to spend that sort of money on. Beer for example.

Anyhoo, I searched for “Alternatives to Lead Forensics” and I happened upon an absolute education in digital marketing that had me grinning from ear to ear.

Do the search and the top result is from a company called A1 Web Stats. Read it, it’s brilliant.


What they do well

  • The article reads like a good, honest review. So many reviews like this take the negative angle and slag off the competition, these don’t, they actually give you the reasons why you should use Lead forensics. Honestly, it’s brilliant.
  • They give point by point examples of the differences between the two
  • They even link to the Lead Forensics site! Seriously!

So what’s the take-away from this?

Got a competitor that people are always choosing above you? Well talk about them on your blog. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before when dealing with Facebook, but here’s the rub – don’t be afraid to comment on, discuss with and talk about your competitors. Don’t ever be disparaging about them, ever. Highlight their good points and maybe highlight where your points are better instead.

The key is to make sure you mention them a lot, including in the title of the blog or article because you’ve then got a chance of being found if people search for them. Good eh?

And I don’t just mean do it in one blog, I mean have it cut across all of your content marketing. If you create an ebook and distribute it to PDF sites, mention them there, link to them. Create a video explaining how their products work, review them, shower them with love.

This can work really well in meetings, too. If you’re sat in a meeting with a company and they say “ACME Curtains are good”, reply with “Yeah, they do some superb stuff” and when they then say “Why should we choose you instead of them?” answer with “I dunno, I’m sure they could do just as good a job, maybe you should go with them if you’re happier with that, don’t just choose me because I’m sat here, go with what you believe is the best option.”

Chances are you’ll weird them out so much they’ll get the cheque book out.


I nearly forgot, A1Webstats is fantastic, really does cut the mustard and well worth the £27.