Does SEO Still Work?

In the aftermath of Google’s onslaught against spam websites, the question is being asked across the internet “does SEO still work?”. The quick answer is Yes. The not so quick answer follows.

In our testing, we’ve found out that more than ever only the right kind of SEO works. This means much more emphasis is on great content, natural link-building, and mixing up the media you use for your message.

Content is King… and Queen

When all the old SEO tricks and tactics fade away, what you’re left with is the fact that good content will always be good content.

By this I mean, content that retains your personality while educating your target market. Content that stands you as the leader in your field and allows people to trust you.

It’s only worth working hard to get people to your site if they get something worthwhile on arrival.

Here’s a video with some more thoughts on content:

Don’t forget the SEO basics though.

Good quality links are still essential, don’t just sit and wait for people to link to your content. If you aren’t sure about how to go about this, you can get the strategy from our free guide to SEO.

Read this post on how you make sure your on page factors are set right as well.


  • Paul Simister

    I don’t agree.

    Should SEO still work despite the fact that Google is clamping down ever harder on attempts by profit seekers to manipulate the search rankings?

    Yes. Generally only people with good content will be bothered to spend the time or money.

    Does it work at the moment?

    I don’t think so.

    Mt my own frustrating search experiences, I think Google is broken.

    I’m finding far fewer relevant website pages to click on when I do a search. The title tags don’t contain the keyword, the meta descriptions don’t look relevant.

    There’s nothing to make me want to click on much of the garbage being served up.

    Where relevancy was once king, Google seems to have lost its direction.

    • Andy Calloway

      Are you saying that SEO is broken or that search is broken? I personally think search needs a lot of work still and Google have been ham-fisted in their attempts to reduce spam. SEO, i.e. techniques to increase a site’s ranking does still work, albeit differently now. Some sites are still ranking high because of crappy links, but as time goes on these are getting fewer and fewer. I don’t think we’ll ever see perfect search, but at the moment (and imho), Google is currently still the best.