Does Hosting Affect Your SEO?

We are always getting questions about SEO and internet tactics, so we thought we’d start answering a few of them in video format so that more people could learn from the answers.

Here’s one that came into my inbox this week from Danni. He asked “My webhosting is with an American company called “Hostgator“. Am I jeopardising my UK website by using an American webhost?”.

It’s a great question and here’s the video with our answer…

Hope that’s useful.

  • Jones

    I must tell you I never ever have even considered that hosting might have anything whatsoever to do with SEO. Still now that I read your article and I give it a second thought I am seriously thinking about changing the host for my blog … Thanks for the tips!

    • Chris Green

      Glad it go you thinking Jones.

  • Matt

    Hey Chris, I’ve seen hosting location have an a bit of an impact on local searches especially over the last few month with Google focusing on geo-targetted results but I haven’t really measured whether there is any impact in broader searches. Have you had a chance to do any testing with server locations in terms of broad searches? What about dedicated servers vs. shared servers? Do you think there is a measurable impact that would justify paying more for a dedicated server or hosting your site on your own server? Thanks


  • Andy Calloway

    This is quite complex and based on many factors, but here’s what I’ve seen in our testing…

    Because Google has a lot of factors that it takes into account, it stands to reason that server location is going to be one of those and our testing bears it out, but it’s a small factor which can easily be overcome by others.

    If you were going for 100% absolute bang-on perfection, then I’d pop my server next door to my shop, or realistically the closest ISP, however it’s only going to have a small ripple effect on your overall rankings.

    Dedicated vs Shared *shouldn’t* have any effect, but there are many more factors at play. If you’re on a rubbish $4.99 per month hosting plan with GoDaddy then you’re going to get speed issues, and Google wants fast sites. Having said that, I’ve had a site ranking really well and you could count to four while the page loaded, so again, it’s a small factor.

    Most shared hosting will be absolutely fine. We use and they’re incredibly good value and give superb support and their shared hosting is spot-on. However, if I was about to launch the next killer iPhone app, I’d upgrade to dedicated.

    Another thing to think about with shared is that many people use them to spam or to run dodgy software. A good ISP (like Krystal) won’t allow this and they’ll stomp on people that do, but some cheaper services aren’t so clued up.

    If somebody on the same server as you does something bad, you could end up with your site going down or the IP address being blacklisted and that’s bad for SEO.

    Hope that helps?