Six Ways Manufacturing Companies Kill Their SEO Chances


Manufacturing companies are just like any other company. They need to sell products to make money. The more products they can sell, the more money they can make, but how do they advertise what they do? For many it’s a simple matter. They have a bunch of customers who keep ordering. They always order from […]

How Does a Birmingham Manufacturing Company Handle SEO and Content Marketing?


When you’re looking for advice on #SEO and #content marketing, you’ll find lots of help on how to push weight loss, muscle building and technology products, not so much on pressed steel. So how does a #manufacturing company in a large city make the most of SEO? Let’s make it clear from the outset,  there […]

How to Build a Marketing Strategy for Manufacturing Companies

marketing proces

In these days of technology, the web and everything being wireless, it’s hard to imagine that out there, somewhere, there are still companies cutting, bending and forming steel. Yes, #manufacturing is alive and well, and they’re producing the things that we rely on every day. But has their #marketing changed? Fifteen years ago I was […]

There dozens of ways to promote your content. That’s probably why you’re not doing it.


Are you using Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook? Do you regularly post to Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr? Are you writing blogs on your site as well as writing guest posts for others? No? Then chances are you’re probably doing nothing. Your website is potentially a goldmine. You have the chance of getting in front thousands of people […]

Google Advertising for SEOs Now?

In a move that almost broke the Internet, Google advertised a job. They wanted someone to help them rank their pages in Google. Yes, really. Google is trolling! It’s like SEO inception! How ironic, Google needs an SEO! Those are just some of the themes that emerged in the past 24 hours since we reported […]

What’s All This Periscope Stuff About?

Periscope above the water

Smartphones have revolutionised not just how we communicate, but how we interact on a daily basis with technology. Applications that in the past would have required desktop computers and complex hardware, are now available in small packages that fit in our pockets. The pace of change has been relentless and just when you think everything’s […]